President Obama

President Obama To Make Gun Control Decisions Today
Today the President is suppose to let the country know what he intends to do with gun legislation. VP Biden suggested some ideas to his boss but what is going to be on the table. Glen Beck talks about what he sees happening. Sounds plausible to me.
White House Appoints MSU President Cruzado To Post
President Barack Obama announced that he will appoint Montana State University President Waded Cruzado to the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development.
The President said:
The extraordinary dedication these individuals bring to their new roles will greatly serve the American people...
President Obama Is The Greatest Gun And Ammo Salesman Ever
I went to Bob Wards with Ken Long, a friend of mine to pick up some ammo so we could do some shooting at his place up Rocky Mountain Road. And when we showed up everyone of the shelves were empty? The salesman said, we can't keep ammunition in stock, everyone keeps buying it up and stock piling it.…

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