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Presidential Address: Passing The Americans Jobs Act [VIDEO]
President Obama recently spent time traveling the country to gain knowledge to create the American Jobs Act. President Obama explains how his plan will bring work to rebuilding roads, bridges and schools. He aims at keeping teachers in the classroom and law enforcement on the streets. Tax credits wi…
Heeeeeeeeeeeee’s BACK
Yes, Tom Egelhoff is back filling in for Mark in the Morning. Tom will be on Thursday and Friday of this week to help get your morning off to a good start. All the latest news, weather, guests, and Tom's unique view of the world. Sleeping in is way overrated...
Senate Votes For Debt Deal
Narrowly avoiding a national default on it's debts, the US Senate passed the raising of the debt ceiling in a 74-26 vote. The raising of the ceiling will be offset by $2.4 trillion in budget cuts. Where will these cuts come from?

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