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2012 State of The Union Address On Tuesday Jan. 24th [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama will address congress on Tuesday January 24th at 7pm MST. The President will discuss where America is at the current date and lay out the plan for the next year. The president invites everyone to watch the State of the Union Address online or on television.
President Obama Denies Keystone Pipeline Project [VIDEO]
The unpopular decision was formally made today by President Obama to reject the proposal of the $7 billion oil pipeline, the Keystone XL project, linking Alberta with refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Republican presidential candidates sounded off on the decision.
Can YouTube Predict The 2012 Presidential Election? [GRAPH]
Today's technology makes nearly everything easily and readily available. And when it comes to electing the right president, you better be informed. YouTube is the go to place for presidential stump speeches, debates, and gaffes. If YouTube volume could predict who will be the winner, we've…

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