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Debate Prep? Why?
After four years in office for President Obama and 23 Republican debates plus two presidential debates for Romney — what do these guys have to prep for? Is there the remotest possibility they might hear a “new” question?
Debate-ja vu: All Over Again
This debate had few similarities to the first debate. This one was a town hall questions from the crowd and as usual the questions were pretty softball for the most part.
Did Romney Cheat at the Presidential Debate? [VIDEO EVIDENCE]
Most will agree that Mitt Romney won the Presidential Debate against Barack Obama last week. Supporters of Barack Obama have gone as far as saying it was the altitude that affected Obama's demeanor, it was his anniversary that had him distracted/tired, or that he has been busy and tired running the …
Democratic National Convention Live Video Coverage
In 2012, there is no excuse for anyone to not go out and vote. Not just because it's a right that you should exercise but because how else will the right people be put into power. Also, in 2012, there is no reason to not stay informed on all of the candidates. Democrats from across the nation are ga…
Why Obama Will Win In November: Tom’s Opinion
I take a lot of abuse from my conservative friends for this belief, but it’s not based on emotion. It’s based on the reality of marketing, advertising and promotion. In those three areas the Democrats clearly do a much better job than the Republicans.

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