Mark Allen

Monday Morning With Mark Allen
It's a holiday for most but not me! I am the only one in the building so I need your company today. It will be an open line Monday to talk about whatever you'd like. 522-8255 is the studio line, or email me.
Tuesday Morning On The Big Show
This morning we will have a good time with our guests. In studio will be Scott Sales, former Montana Speaker of the House with our weekly legislative update. Also Robert Worobec will try and keep us healthy, Jaimie Cargil with the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Mayor Krause and Tammy Hall.
Monday Morning And A New Week
Coming up this morning, a few discussion topics this morning. If you got a lot of gift cards for Christmas and have just a few cents left on them, don't waste them, I will tell you what you can do with them.

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