The Danger Of Low Gas Prices
Oil won’t stay low forever. But if we’ve learned one lesson over the past few years when it does go up it goes up much faster than when it comes down.
Celebrations Erupt as Libyan Rebels Sweep Into Tripoli [VIDEO]
After six months of civil war, Libyan rebels swept into Tripoli on Sunday and laid claim to most of the city. Government troops and snipers loyal to Moammar Gadhafi continued to put up a last-ditch resistance near his compound, though it is unknown if the Libyan leader was still inside.
CIA Moves Into Libya To Train Rebels
It reads to me like a movie. CIA Agents are covertly working with Libyan rebel fighters to help train them in their revolution. The decision, put into action by President Obama, speaks to Gadhafi and his supporters that the U.S. is no longer there only for protective support but for training offensi…