Jeff Krauss

Is The City Of Bozeman Going To Go Broke [AUDIO]
During Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss' visit we covered some good topics. Obama's "You didn't build it" comment.
Is Bozeman going to go bankrupt?
And the problems with the Federal Government is going to trickle down to the municipalities.
Jeff Krauss on 1450 KMMS
Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss Joins Us Tuesday Morning [AUDIO]
Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss was very vocal about the downtown "Hotel".
If ample parking could be the deal breaker in not getting the downtown hotel, then why did the city recently say that we could sell the Carnegie Lot...I thought we had plenty of downtown parking...
Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss On Bozeman’s Pool Debate [AUDIO]
There is a lot of talk about building a new outdoor pool in Bozeman. Bogert Park Pool is just about on its last legs and may be lost to repair. Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss joined us in the studio to talk about plans for a new outdoor pool. Listen to the interview here and let us know in our poll what y…
Deputy Mayor Talks About The Open Bond Issue Coming Your Way [AUDIO]
Well Well Well, Bozeman wants to put before the voters an open space bond. The commissioners think we need to have more trails, green space and parks in Bozeman. Up to a $15 million dollar bond. Just think we would have about 8-9 million more now had the commission not wasted all that money on the s…

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