Gallatin County Commissioners

Gallatin County Commissioners Talk About Re-Districting [AUDIO]
With the growth of the Gallatin County we are going to be adding 2 more Senate seats and 2 more Representative seats, and we also have to Re district the county precincts It has to happen in the next 30 days and your input is needed. Commissioners White and Skinner talked about what needs to be done…
It’s Finally Friday
You still have a chance to win Jason Lewis' new book, a $50 Pro Flowers gift card and also $1500 with the VIP Cash Code. Go Online and check it out. I will chat with Stafford Animal Shelter, The American Legion, County Commissioners, and Jennifer Bordy. Please join us.
It’s Finally Friday
Today I am looking for your opinion on the "Mail in only" ballot issue, and also your opinion on Art Wittichs Bill to hold public employees responsible.