Is Age Just A Number?
According the Bible, Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of 969 years dying just seven days before the big flood. Do you suppose he had to pay taxes all that time?
Tom’s Opinion on Indiana
Boycotts hurt employees more than owners and are most often used as nothing more than to send some form of self-perceived, politically correct message.
Hire The Unemployed Or Else
Americans complain they are being screened out of job openings for the very reason they're looking for work in the first place. Some companies and job agencies prefer applicants who already have jobs, or haven't been jobless too long.
Military Discrimination At Columbia University
Purple Heart recipient, Anthony Maschek, is facing backlash from fellow students while attempting to attend Ivy League Scool, Columbia University. Anti-war supporting students let their voices be heard at a meeting that Anthony Maschek spoke at on Tuesday.