Chicago Bears

Monday Morning, Rise And Shine
A great football weekend in my house. Da Bears!! Coming up this morning I want to see if you are "Smarter Than The Average Elected Official" I know you are but we will find out. Also in Studio will be Daryl Schleim Chamber CEO, Carl Graham from the Montana Policy Institute, Kate Re…
Bears, Jets Win To Advance To Conference Championships
The Chicago Bears dumped the Seattle Seahawks 35-24 this afternoon in Chicago for the right to host the NFC Championship game next Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. In the AFC, the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots 28-21, and will face the Steelers next Sunday in Pittsburgh.
Bears Win Bring On The Cheeseheads
It was a great way to start my Sunday. I was also happy that the Chicago Bears played early so I didn't have to fret all day, but the right Jay Cutler showed up, the Seahawks went down, and the Bears play the Packers for the NFC championship.