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Rich People Win Again
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For those not following the controversial tax cuts bill on C-SPAN this evening, let the title summarize what happened and here are my thoughts.
Olbermann’s Opinion
Me, you and everyone else all have our own opinions about the tax deal underway. But what does Keith Olbermann think? Read on and find out; it's probably not far from what most would assume he is thinking.
Keith Olbermann
In exchange for injecting new vigor into the infantile, moronic, disproved-for-a…
Obama May Need To Allow Old Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest
Obama takes heat from his supporters for conceding to the Republican strategy in the tax cut battle, but did he have any other choice?
via Chris McGreal guardian.co.uk
Today Obama said that his priority is to "prevent the middle-class tax increase" that would have come about if there…