A restaurant in California called D Street Bar and Grille is borrowing the principles of the stock market and applying them to the pricing of their drink menu. This means, if everyone in the bar is drinking your favorite drink, you may end up paying more than usual because of supply and demand.

This is a genius idea to provoke interest in your establishment but is it just a novelty? I could see it getting frustrating if you happen to always pay more than usual for your drinks due to their popularity. This may force some patrons to mix up their orders. Or as soon as the drinks hit what you think is the lowest, buy! Buy! Buy!

I would love to check this restaurant out. I also recommend any bar in Bozeman to give this approach a test run. It could be fun, interesting and educational. Who knows, maybe there is a slew of future successful stock market players being bread right now at D Street Bar and Grille

[via CNBC.com]