“Joel Cairo: You always have a very smooth explanation ready.
Sam Spade: What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?”
― Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon
So, my internet gumshoes... You think ya got what it takes to do what the Heat, 5-0 and G-Men haven't been able to do - Find Edward Snowden -  When or IF you track down the “Running Edward Snowden” photo on kmmsam.com, click it and follow the instructions to be entered to win a pair of passes to see a flick at Hollywood Theaters.
Clue #1: Edward is hiding in an article about Montana.
Clue #2: Use the "Blue Bar."
Clue #3: Edward is hidden with a BIG brown... Animal
So grab your gat and track the man on the lamb down.  Best of luck!