For Montana, Official numbers put the total unfunded actuarial accrued liability at almost $3.9 billion in a state of about a million people. A billion is 1,000 million, so officially even babies need to cough up more than $3,900 each right now on top of all other taxes to pay this debt, a debt which continues to grow every year more than earnings and contributions.

However, the official numbers are lies. The real pension debt is about $10.5 billion when accounting tricks are factored out, according to calculations by economist Andrew Biggs.

Reality ups the pension tab to more than $10,500 for every infant, child, woman and man payable in full right now, or even more when stretched out to eternity as Montana auditors calculated. Politicians are indenturing the unborn and un-conceived.

They could pay it off by sinking all of the state's personal and corporate annual income tax revenue into pensions for the next 78 years, simply not paying any public employees, buying anything, contracting any services or making bond payments.

Trouble is, the debt keeps growing every year as current and new employees accrue pension benefits.

So what's the answer.
Pension Pt 1
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