Whether he meant to or not, Rush Limbaugh is now on the opposite side of a gender rights war with most women and also men. The controversy began with the debate of contraception coverage in women's healthcare plans. Rush's opinion of a Georgetown Law Student, Sandra Fluke, dug Rush into a hole he may not be able to escape from unscathed.

The Georgetown Law School Student, Sandra Fluke, went before a congressional committee to let congress know why contraception should be covered under all women's health care plans. The 10 minute long speech became ammunition for Rush to fire back and argue that Sandra Fluke is simply asking for other people to pay for her to have sex. An idea that Rush very much opposes and through choice words in his response, he has caused quite an uproar.

We have been receiving emails to take Rush off our stations over this controversy. We apologize to any of our listeners who may have been offended and we would like to state that the views of Rush Limbaugh as well as other on air talents are not necessarily the opinions of Townsquare Media or its employees.

If you have not yet watched Sandra Fluke's address to congress, watch this first video below then watch Rush's response after. Sandra Fluke is a third year student at Georgetown Law School. She is also a former president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

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Below is Rush's response to Sandra Fluke on his radio show. Warning for mild language.