Could Ron Paul be alienating and losing the votes of college students across the country? In a visit to Meet the Press on NBC, Ron Paul explains his vision of a future that involves no student aid from the Federal level. Just hearing that, a 20 something studying at the school library might be thinking, "He just lost my vote." But Paul actually delivered a thought out, reasonable explanation for this doctrine. See what Ron Paul has to say inside.

They're a trillion dollars in debt. We don't have any jobs for them, the quality of education has gone down, so it's a failed program. I went to school when we had none of those, I could work my way through college, and medical school because it wasn't so expensive. So when you run up debt, print money, cost goes up in the areas that the government gets involved in: education, medical care, and housing so it's artificial and distorts the economy.

Ron Paul

What do you think? Has the aid of federal government hampered our higher education system? Having graduated from MSU I would agree the quality of education has gone down. And I've been saying the next big financial crisis in this country will be in-debt, jobless, college grads.