For bow and rifle hunters, nothing is more important than proper planning for your hunt. Now, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is offering an online hunter's checklist.

Public Relations Director Mark Holyoak said nothing is worse than getting halfway to your hunting camp and realizing you forgot your tags...or your ammo.

"We've come up with an interactive online checklist  ," Holyoak said. "You just go to our website and find the checklist. The thing I like about is it divides everything up into sections, not only for rifle or bow, but also how long you'll be out hunting."

Holyoak said bow hunters and rifle hunters have different needs, and the checklist is tailor-made to help.

"During your bow hunt, you need your camo, and for your rifle hunt, you need your hunter's orange," he said. "The checklist is for everyone to use before you head out."