If the President’s attacks on Montana energy jobs weren’t enough, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee recently opened a new front in the War on Coal when he signed an executive order that would drastically cut – and eventually eliminate – his state’s import of coal-fired electricity from Montana.

Governor Inslee’s executive order, which calls on Washington State agencies to “eventually eliminate the use of electrical power produced by coal,” would impact the viability of Montana’s Colstrip Power Plant and jeopardize the 3,740 Montana jobs it supports. This amounts to nothing short of economic warfare waged against the State of Montana and its citizens.

Rep. Daines sent a letter to Governor Inslee asking that he rethink his goal to eliminate coal-fired power.

In Montana, we know that coal is the most reliable, abundant, and cost-effective source of energy for generating electricity. Governor Inslee’s new regulations would have serious consequences on Montana’s coal industry – threatening Montana jobs and needlessly increasing the price of electricity for hardworking families and businesses.