Last week Congressman Ryan Zinke joined Rep. Luke Messer, R-IN in introducing the Balanced Budget Accountability Act which prevents Congress from getting paid if they do not pass a budget that balances within 10 years. The Act also establishes spending requirements and restrictions on tax increases. Montana Senator Steve Daines introduced the legislation in the U.S. Senate.

“Montana families, businesses and even the State Legislature have to balance their budgets—Washington should too,” said Zinke. “I helped introduce this legislation because I believe if Congress doesn’t do their duty and pass a balanced budget, we should not get paid—period. For too long Washington has been kicking the can down the road, running deficits and increasing the debt. This has to stop now. It’s time to hold Washington accountable to the people of Montana and balance the budget.”

Congressman Zinke joins me tomorrow at 8:06 on the Morning Show.