Living in Montana, we are well aware of the gaps in internet access on mountain roads and in rural towns. Google is aiming to provide internet to everyone on earth through the use of 3G capable balloons through their 'Project Loon.' How does it work? Will it work? And how do you feel about having internet transmitting balloons in the sky?

The balloons are about 15 meters in diameter and will float in the stratosphere - above planes and weather. Still in the testing phase, a small group in New Zealand plans to launch a test balloon in June 2013. Using wind patterns, piloting engineers will be able to control the locations of the balloons simply by raising or lowering the device.

Chris and guests talked about 'Project Loon' today on the KMMS-AM Morning Show. Many of our guests and callers agreed they would like widespread internet access, but they aren't sure about having balloons floating above them at all times. Do you support these new internet balloons? Let us know in the comments below.