Over 500 police, neighbors, and friends were out in the community collecting trash and
recyclables to keep Bozeman as the Most Livable Place in Montana.

The event kicked off at the Bozeman Public Library with a welcome from Deputy Mayor Cyndy Andrus.

“Picking up garbage and litter in our community is not something everyone likes to do, but it’s something that’s really important” said Andrus.

As a result of the event, 114 bags of trash, 27 bags of recyclables, and 30 bags of compost were picked up from streets, alleys, and parks in Bozeman. Now community members won’t need to wait until the next annual event to cleanup because the City of
Bozeman has decided to extend Cleanup Day to everyday.

The City of Bozeman Solid Waste Division’s new program, Cleanup Bozeman, offers individuals and groups a chance to cleanup whenever it’s convenient. The Solid Waste Division will provide everything you need to get the job done. To sign‐up call 582‐3236.