Yeah, you read that right. The Big, Bad IRS is only really limited to taking the fine against you for not being insured to deducting it from a refund you might have been owed. The fine is set at $95 or 1 percent of your income. That amount will rise over the next few years, but it will remain less than many of the the premiums. But the Affordable Care Act itself LIMITS the government's ability to collect the penalties.

You'll not forfeit your house, property or Liberty (read go to jail) if you choose not to pay. So come on all you red-blooded uninsured Americans - Standup to Obamacare! Don't sign up, take the fine they can't collect, unless you're owed a refund, and drive it into the ground! Just don't become terminally ill or become involved in a serious accident or require any number of medical procedures while you are uninsured.

If you do, you should have taken my money as a subsidy to pay for your insurance up front and not cause my rates to increase.

Oh, wait! You can't be denied coverage for preexisting conditions... But they can make you pay through the nose!

And don't get me started on the general 'health' of America, that's for another ramble on the interwebs..