I understand that the elected state legislators job is to pass GOOD legislation, but when the people of Montana speak, it means much more I think. But starting tomorrow, for the new year two voter passed laws will take effect.

New laws taking effect with the new year will require Montanans seeking state services to prove they are U.S. citizens, and require minors under 16 to receive parental permission for an abortion.

Both were enacted just last month by the voters.

Supporters of the notification law argue parents should be involved in such an important decision. A doctor who provides an abortion without proper notification could receive a six-month prison sentence and a $500 fine.

Nearly 80 percent of voters approved a measure that requires every person who seeks any state service to prove that he is a U.S. citizen or in the country legally.

It is already the subject of a pending legal challenge from opponents who argue it unconstitutionally imposes on the right to privacy of Montanans.

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