Museum of the Rockies will open a new, permanent Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit in its Siebel Dinosaur Complex on Saturday, April 11.

Called  The Tyrant Kings, the exhibit will display a 12-feet tall and approximately 40-feet long real fossilized skeleton named Montana's T. Rex. The Tyrant Kings will also include a series of six skulls from MOR's collections that presents the growth of T. Rex - from a small, juvenile specimen to the largest T. Rex skull ever discovered.

With the opening of The Tyrant Kings, MOR joins an elite group of museums around the world to display real, fossilized T. Rex skeletons. The overwhelming majority of museums display replicas or casts, not actual fossil skeletons.

The Tyrant Kings also fulfills a commitment made to the people of Montana by MOR to install and display another of its Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens after the Wankel Rex went on loan to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The Tyrant Kings will open exactly one year to the day of the Wankel Rex leaving Montana.