Thanks for listening to the Morning Show! And keep those emails coming.

Here is just a random sampling:

Dear Chris-

1.       The callers of the show incorrectly assume their opinions represent all the audience, they only represent the callers opinion.
2.       For entertainment value probably best to play off the apparent biases that goes with all AM talk radio.
3.       A slightly left of center approach may make certain guest feel more comfortable and therefor expand topics and perhaps even credibility. ~Hugh Jass


Hey, Chris……..
Don’t let these “Right Wing Nuts” get under your skin…….
I am a self declared “Right Wing Nut” myself; BUT…….. there is NO REASON to be so accusatory, and RUDE, etc.!
Hang in, my friend……. Don’t let them change your upbeat attitude ! ~Amanda Hugankiss


To whom it may concern-

Chris Griffin in the morning is horrible. He speaks on the radio like someone who is tweeting. I am so sick of hearing about the "non-discrimination" Bozeman thing. I turned off his show for a week and when I turned it back on he was talking about the same thing. I really don't care about his politics he is just horrible and hitting breaks, interviewing, and talking on the radio. If you want me to listen to your station between 7 and 9 am get rid of him. ~Dirk Diggler