Despite expectation that gas prices would plateau last week, Montana prices jumped up again.

Prices [in Montana] gained about 1.5 cents per gallon over the last week," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Montana now sits at about $3.39 per gallon. Some prices across the state as low as $3.19 in Great Falls, $3.26 in Dillon, $3.28 in Missoula, so prices still much lower than the statewide average in some communities."

DeHaan predicts prices in Montana to climb slightly before Memorial Day, but says that even if prices jump by over a penny, Montana will still have some of the lowest prices in the U.S.

The national average went up to $3.63 over the past week and is about $.25 more expensive than a gallon of gas in Montana.

Prices today are about 14 cents per gallon cheaper than they were on the same day last year.