Gas prices in Montana are still climbing, despite a downward trend for the national average.

"e saw just a slight uptick in retail gas price average the state is looking at an average price of $3.42 a gallon," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "That's up by about a penny from a week ago. We're up about seven cents from where we were just a month ago. A year ago on this date we were paying 3.64 a gallon, so the $3.42 we see today looks pretty good."

Laskoski predicts dropping prices before July.

"We're fairly confident that, as we move closer to the 4th of July weekend, consumers should see even lower prices at the pump than they see now," Laskoski said. "I can tell you that we do see the lowest prices right now in Great Falls, Dillon, and in Missoula."

Despite a slow upward trend, Montana still has some of the cheapest fuel in the country.