Montana entrepreneur Greg Gianforte is on a mission to bring higher wages to Montana. To kick-start the effort, the founder of Right Now Technologies unveiled a new website,, which he hopes will help guide the state in a better direction.

"We think we can increase the average wage across the state," Gianforte said. "It's really unfortunate that Montana is 49th in the country in wage scale. We've had such tremendous success at Right Now Technologies in Bozeman and we believe that the success we enjoy here is repeatable, and that we can bring it to a lot of communities across the state."

The website contains Gianforte's business plan for Montana, which seeks to change the focus of job creators and seekers.

"The key thing is that we need to focus on industries that actually have high wages," Gianforte said. "When you look at the data, one of the top industries for wages is high tech, followed closely by high-tech manufacturing. That's the business plan, to really focus on those two industries."

The average wage at Right Now Technologies is $86,000, far higher than the Montana average of just under $46,000. According to the U.S. Census bureau, the average Montana salary is seven thousand less than the national average, so Montana has to grow a lot just to catch up.

Gianforte hopes the public will listen to his pitch and give him some feedback on the proposals, so take a listen and head over to to tell him what you think.

Greg Gianforte: