On Tuesday night, an expectant mother checked herself into the Anaconda Community Hospital under a fake name.

"The hospital ran a drug screen on the woman that came back positive for methamphetamine," said Anaconda Police Chief Tim Barkell said. "The hospital then placed a call to Child Protective Services, they said that they would take care of the baby in the morning. In the meantime, after the delivery was done, the hospital allowed the mother to walk the baby down the hallway. At around 17 minutes after midnight [Wednesday, June 18], the hospital called us and said that the mother had left with the baby."

The car the mother left with was later found at her sister’s home, but the sister avoided giving details about where the mother and baby went other than saying that they left in a truck. Now, law enforcement across the state is searching for the mother and her infant.

"Her name is Michelle Yallup, she is five-foot-six, 120 pounds, and has a birth date of 9/29/1984. She has brown hair and brown eyes," Barkell said.

Authorities have searched at relative’s homes in Butte, Great Falls and Belt, but have been unable to find the mother or her baby. Anyone with information about where Michelle Yallup went are advised to call authorities immediately.

Tim Barkell: