This week, the Office of public Instruction is out campaigning in support for the new Common Core education standards. Though the video tour hasn't made rounds in Missoula, KGVO News reached out to Missoula Public School Superintendent Alex Apostle to see how teachers have been responding to the new standards so far.

"What I'm hearing from our staff and a few parents that I've had contact with regarding Common Core is that they feel its going to be beneficial in terms of providing direction and specific standards and expectations for students and our school district," Apostle said. "I think that's the strength of Common Core. It gives us direction."

Apostle says there is one aspect of Common Core that he personally has concerns with.

"We need supplies, materials, and professional development, and that's the only concern that I would have as we move forward to total implementation is the continuance of professional development for our staff and the supplies and the materials that might be needed that are above and beyond what we already need," Apostle said.

When asked if Missoula was working with the Office of Public Instruction on the new Montanans for the Common Core campaign, Apostle said the school district was “working as closely as we can, and we’ve received a lot of support from the state on this issue.”