I’m running for Governor of Montana because I love Montana. I’m angry, and so are my constituents. I am running for Governor in America's darkest hour because I am the only candidate with the credentials to lead and restructure our state's economy in a crisis.

My 38 years of multifaceted financial and leadership experiences gave me the diagnostic tools to understand, explain simply, and quantify exactly what caused the fraud-based mortgage crisis. This crisis made tens of millions of Americans homeless and jobless. It is the number one issue in the 2012 election for all Americans, especially Montanans. America is living in a credit vacuum. It was caused by corrupt central bankers and central planners who, in a treasonous breech of public trust, destroyed America's financial system.

I am the only qualified and accomplished Chief Restructuring Officer in the governor's race. I am the only candidate who will lead Montana to rapid economic progress. I will help Montana succeed as the Criminal Counterfeit Ring at the Federal reserve and their "Too Big To Fail" Bankster bosses go down. To survive while the bosses go down, Montana will use our first line of defense: the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. Under my leadership, we will hit the ground running with an actionable, multifaceted plan operating on parallel tracks to move Montana from the bottom rung on the economic lad. der to prosperity at the top.

Fortunately, we live in the resource-rich Treasure State. Montanans have proved their work ethic, creativity, and ability to adapt. Once freed from over-regulation, Montanans will make Montana a shining beacon to 49 other states. I have a genuine plan to put Montanans back to work by removing Federal incursions which have impoverished our Counties and communities. I can open back up many of Montana’s natural resources to development, industry, and jobs for Montanans by simply removing Federal blockages.

I am the only candidate who has a realistic, workable plan which will lead Montana to rapid economic progress and independence from the Federal funds which have put Montana out of business. I am the only candidate who knows how and why to shut down the EPA, BLM, Forest Service, and DOJ enforcement gr oups such as DEA and ATF. I will honor Montana’s medical marijuana referendum and protect the will of the people against Federal aggression.

I am the only candidate in the 2012 race who understands and vows to honor the Founders’ intent regarding the system of “dual sovereignty” preserved in the U.S. Constitution. I am the only candidate who understands how rebuilding Montana’s sovereignty under the Montana Constitution can free our people from Federal bondage. I am the only candidate who knows how and why it is important to return personal freedom to all Montanans. I believe Montanans can and will restore their once-proud independence and prosperity as my administration removes the Federal barriers and allows the bountiful treasure which is our birthright to once again flourish.

I am the only candidate who has the courage and strength to get this done.

Bob Fanning, Fanning-Baldwin.com