Late last week, former Arizona pastor Joshua Feuerstein fired the opening salvo in the 2015 War on Christmas by releasing the following Facebook video; Claiming Starbucks hates Jesus. Honestly, Mr. Feuerstein believes that. Just watch the video below.

(Provided by Starbucks Newsroom)

Three days later Starbucks released a statement that reads in part:

Since 1997 Starbucks has served its holiday beverages in a unique cup, starting with a jazz-themed design in jewel tones of deeper reds, greens and blues. Every year since, the cup has told a story of the holidays by featuring symbols of the season from vintage ornaments and hand-drawn reindeer to modern vector-illustrated characters.

Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus ... SO I PRANKED THEM ... and they HATE IT!!!! #shareUse #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKSFollow --> Joshua Feuerstein

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, November 5, 2015