Only a very select few will ever win it big at the lottery. I imagine most lottery players are dreaming of big houses, vacations, and world class food. Not this man. He plans to donate the entire $40 Million to charity.

Tom Crist of Calgary won the $40 Million lottery prize last Spring but didn't tell anyone until he decided what to do with the money. Crist subscribes to a lottery service in which he pays annually and the tickets then purchased for him. When he received the call that he won, he simply put the prize out of his mind. That is until now. He has announced to the public and his family that he will be starting a foundation to distribute the funds among charities.

I like to think that Tom Crist played the lottery with this intent all along. Maybe he knew deep down that any large sum of money he won would go towards a good cause. I'm glad fate worked out and that he won the money. Imagine how many lives will be changed with that $40 Million.

What would you have done with the money? Donate some to charity but keep some of the winnings?