Montana Lt. Governor Angela McLean visited the University of Montana campus on a frigid Monday morning to get a first-hand view of the services offered to student veterans.

McLean said she and Governor Bullock are visiting Montana campuses to confirm that veterans are receiving the services they need to succeed as students.

"I just visited the Veterans Success Center at the library," McLean said. "I was very surprised at the fact that there was such a quick turnaround to provide a study space for veterans where they can specifically go and gather. They can relax, they can study, they can engage with others. That was the governor's intent last legislative session in regards to those appropriations."

McLean said the veterans services are being well utilized by hose for whom they were designed.

"The veterans I have met so far are indeed utilizing the services on campus," she said. "They can use them to relax, they can use them to study. We're looking to have lunch with our veerans today and find out just exactly how Governor Bullock and I can protect the services we have here in Montana, and make sure that we protect those programs for those who have served and protected us so valiantly in service to our great nation."