Some of you will ask, "Why post about the passing of a Rock Star?" Well, in this crazy world we live in many find solace in music; four minutes to remove oneself from political bickering, pressures of work and other demands of life. It allows one to escape into Art and fall in love with a writers craft, the soundscapes and characters they create.

For 50 years Lou Reed did just that. Lou Reed with the Velvet Underground and in his solo work offered insight to many places we would never dare travel to, let alone reside. Below these videos are my personal thoughts on the man I had the pleasure on meet a few times and engaged in at least two lengthy conversations

It's one of the more famous comments regarding the Velvet Underground:

They couldn't play that well, but everybody that saw them live formed a band.

I never saw them live but shortly after discovering the records I learned to play bass. In no small way the Velvet Underground formed my musical perspective.

If the Shiny Happy side of music came to me from the Beach Boys and early Beatles; The Stones, Muddy and Coltrane offered the Dark Grit. Lou Reed told me the filthy perverse makes great music just as well.

I didn't like everything he recorded, but he was true to himself in the moment. A quality I think we should all aspire to.

Lou, knowing I'll not get to hear the next project saddens me. I can only trust you find yourself in a better place. And please know, Lou, my thoughts are with Laurie and the others left behind.

Respectfully Posted,
Chris Griffin

Leave your thoughts below -- "Walk On The Peaceful Side," Lou