Former Lt. Governor John Bohlinger joined the charge against big money special interests by pledging his support for H.R. 20, the Government By the People Act of 2014.

"The voices of everyday Montanans aren't being heard in Washington, DC because of the big money that dominates the financing of campaigns," Bohlinger stated. "My pledge to only serve one term means I won't be beholden to campaign donors and will be fearless in ending the culture of corruption in Washington, DC.”

Here's how H.R. 20 would work to provide fair elections:

1. Everyday Montanans would get a $25 refundable My Voice tax credit. This would help spur small-dollar contributions to candidates for federal office.

2. A Freedom from Influence Fund would be established to multiply the impact of small-dollar contributions to candidates who forego traditional PAC money and instead focus on broad-based support from small-dollar donors. At a 6:1 match, a $50 contribution would turn into a $350 contribution.

3. To prevent Super PACs and Dark Money from drowning out the voice of everyday voters, candidates could be eligible for additional resources during the "home stretch" within the final 60 days before the election.

"Americans see special interests bankroll multi-million dollar campaigns and then they see the same special interests get favorable legislation," Bohlinger stated. "It's no wonder so many are cynical, our elections have come to resemble auctions with lobbyists from one side bidding against lobbyists for the other."