Thanksgiving is a little more than two weeks away and already the shopaholics are planning their strategies. I can't even believe I just typed that sentence and it's TRUE!

Once upon a time it was enough to wake up early the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of the 'doorbusters' and then just a few years ago somebody had the brilliant idea to start the sales Thanksgiving evening. Because really what else is there to do after the football games are over?

But this year Kmart has taken the cake, by starting their 'sale' 6am Thanksgiving Day! Hey, why not? Let completely remove the idea of giving thanks and transform the the day into the most vulgar display of American Consumerism! Let's hit the 'MARTS' K & Wal, wrap up the morning at Kohl's and then stuff ourselves to the verge of comatose with our turducken!

Are the deals really that good that you would spend Thanksgiving morning at a Kmart?

Happy Hunting and stay safe out there...