The investigation into the cause of the June 19 fatal crash on Highway 12 five miles east of East Helena is ongoing. 

The Montana Highway Patrol is currently investigating the cause of the crash. The investigation will involve reviewing all evidence from the crash scene, contacting witnesses to obtain statements, and reconstructing the crash. The Patrol has assigned a team of six troopers to work this investigation.

On Monday, June 23, the Patrol began reviewing evidence gathered at the crash scene and began examining both vehicles to document their current condition. Utilizing a Helena Fire Department ladder truck, the Patrol took aerial photographs of both vehicles and the scene. As part of its investigation, the Patrol will be placing both vehicles together to reconstruct where they made contact with each other.

John Walsh, spokesman for Montana Attorney General Tim Fox said the cause of the crash remains a mystery.

"The investigation is just in its early stages into the cause of this crash," Barnes said. "You know, six people died as the result of this crash, one of the most horrendous crashes our troopers have seen in a long time. We have several troopers under the direction of Captain Gary Becker investigating this, and that investigation will involve interviewing any witnesses, looking at all the evidence, and reconstructing the accident scene."

Barnes said investigators will provide regular updates on their progress.

"To get some degree of predictability to the press who have been inquiring into the investigation, every Monday an update will be released if there's anything new in the investigation. We'll be putting that out each week, letting the people know as this unfolds."

In the fiery crash, a family of five was killed, along with a fire chief on Highway 12 east of Helena.

John Barnes, spokesman for Montana Attorney General Tim Fox