What a week it was!  Taking the reins of the 1450 KMMS-AM Morning Show, meeting many of you on the phone, via email and others as I wandered around downtown.  Midweek I was invited to the double secret location of the Gibson Acoustic Guitar Plant just around the corner from the station. You would NEVER know where it was, unless you knew where it was.  EVERY Gibson acoustic guitar is handmade in my new hometown - 78 guitars a day.

After touring the plant, I came to realize the construction of these world-class instruments is very similar to designing a world class morning show: Accept only the best raw material; bend, shape and mold the pieces into their rough shapes - find the easiest points of connection and join these very different parts together to form what is now the beginning of a guitar. It's not truly a guitar yet, but it sure looks like one. This is the stage the KMMS-AM Morning Show is in.

Next, the surfaces are sanded smooth, the wood is finished and decorative inlays are applied. The Morning Show starts with this on Monday.

Finally, the guitar is buffed, polished, strings applied and is ready to be played for years to come. The show will be here in no time.

The most amazing thing about seeing the construction of this guitar is that it's not just one person who does it, dozens of people play a part in building it. I hope with your calls, emails or a conversation on the street, you will join me in building a world class morning show for KMMS-AM.