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A couple of days ago I passed the 1,000 blogs mark for the KMMS web site. A thousand blogs is a big number but to really put that into perspective think of it this way.

Each of my blogs average around 500 words. That’s about a full page of single spaced type. That translates to eighty-three, 60,000-word books in four years.

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Ideas for a blog come to me at all hours of the day. Something I see or hear might trigger it or perhaps someone’s point of view will give me a new perspective to write about.

But if I don't write the idea down when I think of it then it's gone forever a few hours later when I try to remember what it was.

My biggest challenge at this point is duplication. When I get an idea I often do a search to see if I’ve written on that topic before.

This is particularly difficult with the Friday Fun Facts blog. It’s getting harder to find specific topics I haven’t already posted.

How to Keep It Interesting

This is an additional challenge. Me just spouting off on some topic that might be very interesting to me might not be to others.

The headline should attract attention and the subheads within the blog should create curiosity.

I don’t always do a great job of that.

Many of the so-called news of the day topics have been done to death and people’s eyes glaze over seeing one more story about them.

So I don’t write about the President or the potential candidates unless there is a really, really, good reason.

Typos, and Sentence Formation

I can read and reread and reread my blog and it can still have typos. For some reason I type is when I mean to type if.

Effect and affect, their, there, and they’re can also cause a lot of confusion if done incorrectly.

And autocorrect, while it means well, is not always the friend I would like it to be.

Some Final Thoughts

I don’t write about local issues as much as I should unless they are controversial. What’s happening in Bozeman is not always of interest to those in Livingston or Belgrade and vice versa.

I have written about Bozeman’s affordable housing and minimum wage because that does affect other cites in our area.

The sad part for me is that two years ago I had a hard drive crash and lost about 18 months worth of blogs. I don’t know of anyplace where they are all archived.

Now I keep them all in a cloud file of my computer.

So I’m ready for the next 1,000 provided I can think of anything to write about.

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