A husband and wife appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail before Judge Karen Orzech to face charges related to the torture, beating and shooting death of a transient, whose body was found in the Clark Fork River on Tuesday night.

Kenneth Hickman and Mechailiah Tembrueull, both 21, were both allegedly involved in the death of Berry "Jack" Gilbert.

Hickman was charged with aggravated assault, while Tembrueull was charged with accountability for aggravated assault.

According to court records, Gilbert's girlfriend told authorities that on July 30, a group showed up at a transient camp she was sharing with Gilbert. She said the group consisted of a man she knew as Phoenix, Hickman, and their girlfriends called Ginger (Tembrueull) and Angie. She said Phoenix and Gilbert got into a confrontation and that Hickman struck Gilbert and knocked him to the ground. Records indicate that Phoenix and Hickman then kicked and stomped Gilbert and cut gang symbols into his body with a knife.

She said at that point Hickman and Ginger then escorted her to another camp nearby, and shortly thereafter she heard a gunshot, and never saw Gilbert again. His body was found floating in the Clark Fork River on August 5.

Deputy County Attorney Jordan Kilby requested requested bail for Hickman at $150,000, and $50,000 for Tembrueull. Judge Orzech agreed and remanded both back to the jail.

During her appearance, Tembrueull tearfully pleaded to the judge that she didn't do anything, that she fully cooperated with law enforcement, and begged her not to take her husband away. She also said the two individuals still at large, Kevin Lino and Angela M. Marchese were on their way to South Dakota.

Missoula County Captain of Detectives Mike Dominick said early Friday morning that the two would probably still be driving a white Ford Focus with temporary plates from West Virginia. The two are considered to be armed and dangerous.