It seems a little preposterous to think that a college athlete can make you money doesn't it?  But I’m not talking about gambling on college sports games during a weekend in Vegas.  I’m talking to the business owners of the world and how adding college athletes to your team will benefit you and your business.

For four and a half years I dedicated myself to being the best student athlete I could be.  At the end of it all, I got my degree in Pre-Med and I never even got to walk across the graduation stage because we were on a terror to becoming eventual National Champions.  Although the memories will always be invaluable, it is what I carry with me today almost 14 years later.

So what were some of the life skills that I learned through my collegiate football experience?

Preparation - Every Tues night during the season the offense would sit in meetings usually a minimum of 3 hours, learning new offensive plays.  On top of that, we would watch hours of game film, fitting that time in between classes or meals.

Time Management - On top of going to classes and participating in labs for my classes, there were endless hours of game film, lifting weights, meetings…oh and this thing called practice.  Time management was a necessity to survive, let alone thrive as a college athlete.

Discipline - I can’t even tell you how many times I had to tell my friends “no thanks” to social opportunities.  Knowing there was a goal (good grades and being the best athlete I could be) it sometimes took everything in me to stay focused.

Teamwork - Now don’t get me wrong, some sports are more team oriented than others, but learning to work together, sometimes putting your own selfish desires to the side, was essential to our success.

I could go on and on about all the areas that I learned to be a better brother, husband, son, and worker for my employer, but what’s the point of all this?  My point is this.  If you own, manage or play a key roll in your business in Bozeman, I would highly encourage you to consider hiring student athletes.  Not to say that those who never participated in college athletics won’t have some of these great qualities, because we both know that isn’t true.  However, hiring former college athletes decreases the risk of bad hires because of the reasons previously mentioned.  If you would like other reasons, why hiring college athletes please read this great article.

So how can you as a business recruit MSU athletes?  You can “Build Your Business 1 Bobcat At A Time” on Wednesday April 17th at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Montana State University Athletics and the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce presents a night with graduating Senior Student Athletes.  Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to network with other businesses and meet face to face with graduating Bobcat Student Athletes who will be entering the job market. 

Get your booth by contacting Karri Clark at 922-0446