The Harlem Globetrotters will be playing in Missoula soon, and today, February 17, Zeus McClurkin was in town spinning a camouflage basketball and trying to spread the word about the Globetrotter’s search for a hometown military hero.

"A portion of our games is going to be played with this ball, to commemorate our military," Zeus said. "Now, that is any active, retired, or wounded warrior that's a part of the military. what we are going to do this year is honor them at the game. You can log online and go to and nominate a hometown hero so we can pay homage to these people who have sacrificed so much for us."

Zeus says the Globetrotters will be playing against the Washington Generals all across Montana.

"We are going to be here next Friday, in Missoula" Zeus said. "We are playing at the Adams Center at 7:00 p.m. on the 27th of February. But we are going to be all across Montana from Butte to Missoula, Billings and Bozeman we are going to be going all across this great state."

The Washington Generals are the only team to have beaten the Globetrotters, but that was back in 1971. The Montana games will be part of a “revenge tour” for the Generals, who are now coached by a member of that victorious 1971 team.