A blimp flew over south-eastern Montana yesterday bearing the slogans “Coal exports fuel climate change” and “Keep our coal in the ground.”

"Greenpeace flew a thermal airship over the Decker coal mine," Smyth said. "We're doing this to call attention to the federal coal leasing program which is subsidizing the coal industries ambitions to export our coal overseas. I think it's created a number of problems, especially for taxpayers and the environment."

The Decker coal mine wasn’t the first Montana destination for the Greenpeace blimp.

"We've been in Montana a couple of weeks," Smyth said. "Earlier this week, we flew near Glacier National Park. As many folks know, glaciers are melting in Glacier National Park and all sorts of national parks. They've been fairly damaged by climate change and face an uncertain future."

Smyth says he hopes the blimp protest will get attention from U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.