Governor Steve Bullock today welcomed more than 300 business, education, and workforce development professionals, as he kicked-off his Main Street Montana Project’s workforce development summit. The summit brought together attendees to network, develop solutions to workforce challenges facing the state, and capitalize on strengths in this area. The event took place on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman.

“With strong wage and job growth, Montana is enjoying an economy that is among the best in the nation,” said Bullock. “One of the keys to build on this economic strength is to ensure businesses have a workforce with the knowledge, skills, and experience to fill the careers that are most in-demand. Today’s event is more than a meeting of businesses; it is a critical step in building a strong economy for years to come.”

The summit was a product of the Main Street Montana Project. The Main Street Montana Project is the first-ever business plan for the state to build on the state’s economic strengths, and address challenges head-on. The plan has five major pillars for economic growth:

·         Train and Educate Tomorrow’s Workforce Today
·         Create a Climate that Attracts, Retains and Grows Businesses
·         Build Upon Montana’s Economic Foundation
·         Market Montana
·         Nurture Emerging Industries and Encourage Innovation