If he were alive today, Jonas Salk developer of the Polio vaccine would have turned 100. He is remembered in today's Google Doodle. The doodle shows two children holding up a sign that says “Thank you, Dr Salk!” – Expressing the gratitude felt  by many Americans when the vaccine became available in 1955.

(Image: Google.com)

As a direct result of the vaccine, polio was completely eradicated in the US by 1979. In less than a quarter century polio was completely eradicated in the US. Just let that soak in....

I find the growing backlash against the MMR vaccine so very logically twisted. Ever since Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent paper in 1998 purporting to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, incidences of measles and mumps have risen greatly. Despite this paper being retracted, the results NEVER replicated and having his research referred to as “dishonest and irresponsible” by his peers; anti-vaccinationists still insist on ignoring the evidence when it comes to immunizing children.