It’s real relief, and it’s real simple.  And it will help create high wage jobs, and put money back in the pockets of hard-working Montanans. That’s how Bozeman businessman and tech entrepreneur Greg Gianforte unveiled his “406 Tax Relief” plan at a lumberyard in Clancy, Montana yesterday.

GIANFORTE: “I learned from over 30 years starting and growing businesses that sustainable jobs and opportunities are only created in the private sector, not by government programs.  Streamlining regulations, lowering taxes and slowing the growth of government will energize our economy and help create more high wage jobs so we can stop exporting our kids.”

The 406 Tax Relief plan includes:

4- Eliminate the Business Equipment Tax in 4 Years

0-  Zero Increase in Overall State Spending, Zero Sales Tax

6- Lower Income Taxes for All, Max Rate of 6%