Gas prices continue to drop in Montana and, in some places, the prices are finally back under the three dollar mark.

"Motorists across Montana have had something to be a bit thankful for and that is falling prices," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "At some of the cheapest areas of the state... it is all the way down to $2.95 in Billings, Missoula $2.96 at Costco... we are starting to see the return of those two handle gas prices."

The speed of the price drop in Montana is outpacing the national average.

Average prices across Montana, just in the last week, are down 11 cents a gallon," Dehaan said. "During the week last week, there were days that Montana was seeing 15 cent decreases compared to where prices were a year ago. One thing is for sure, the national average has declined 17 cents a gallon over the past month, but Montana's average, over the past month, has dropped 43 cents per gallon."

Gas prices in most of the U.S. haven't been as low as they are now since the Libyan crisis back in February of 2011. Traditionally, the lowest prices of the year are seen between thanksgiving and Christmas and many experts expect prices to keep falling until then.