Drivers in Gallatin County are encouraged to to utilize caution due to water on numerous roadways around the county.  Recent warm weather, combined with today’s rain, has caused much of the snow in fields and hillsides to melt and quickly run off.  This run off water has over whelmed the capacity of the ditches, culverts, and bridges in many locations leaving both flowing and standing water on roadways.  These conditions have caused the Gallatin County Road and Bridge Department to close numerous roads, primarily in the Western part of Gallatin County.  Officials are working hard to sign as many of the hazards as possible, but there are so many affected areas that it is proving difficult to keep up.  Drivers should assume that there could be water on any roadway and drive with due caution for the conditions.

Several residences are also being impacted by this water in the Western part of the county.  Residents in need of sand bags can obtain those at Bozeman Brick (587-4283) on Jackrabbit Lane.

More information is available on flooding at