DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 6 : Snow plows clear several inches of snow and drop salt along Woodward Avenue as the area deals with record breaking freezing weather January 6, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan and most of the Midwest received their first major snow storm of 2014 last week and subzero temperatures are expected most of this week with wind-chill driving temperatures down to 50-70 degrees below zero. A 'polar vortex' weather pattern is bringing some of the coldest weather the U.S. has had in almost 20 years. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

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Baby it’s cold outside. That polar vortex hit pretty hard the last few days with subzero overnight lows and single digit highs.

Montana, while beautiful in all seasons, is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea this time of year. The “snowbirds” have all headed to warmer climes and the skiers are salivating for more snow.

For those of you who have decided to spend another winter in “The Last Best Place on Earth,” here are some tips to make the cold temps in Montana more palatable.

Fun Facts For Keeping Warm In Montana

  • The most obvious way to keep warm is multiple layers of clothing.
  • If your feet are cold, you are cold. Find and wear a nice pair of warm wool socks to hold the heat in and feel warmer.
  • We bake a lot in winter. After pulling the cake or pie out leave the oven door open and let the heat circulate through the house. The smaller the living space the better this works.
  • It’s a soup or chili day. Warm soups make you feel better and warmer on cold days.
  • Coffee or tea warms your core temperature plus the caffeine effect peps you up. Don’t like the coffee high? Drink DeCaf.
  • Glass heats when exposed to sunlight so keep curtains or blinds open during the day to naturally add heat to your home.
  • Do the opposite at night. Those same curtains and blinds will hold the heat in and provide a layer of insulation between the cold window and the room interior.
  • We all know about spring-cleaning but cleaning in the winter gets your blood flowing and warms your core. Stay active.
  • There is dry heat and wet heat. If you can afford a humidifier get one. Humidity increases temperature. Turn off the space heater and turn on a humidifier.
  • If you have ceiling fans they should be turning counter-clockwise and blowing air toward the ceiling. This will force the hot air that has risen to the ceiling down along the walls and spreading the heat.
  • Depending on your household you might want to leave the bathroom door open when showering. It’s a cheap humidifier.
  • If you have drafts around the base of doors use rolled up towels to block the cold air.

Some Final Thoughts

Take a look around your house. Are there things you could be doing to both cut heating costs and make your home more livable?

Check with the power company to see if you qualify for budget billing. That way you will make the same payment summer or winter. Make keeping a budget much easier. Stay warm out there.

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